The VFO for Search Engines

makes search engine marketing (SEM) optimization (SEO & PPC) effortless, easy and simple.



VFO for Search Engines: A web-based cloud solution that assists you in choosing the proper keywords for your website (based on keyword search volumes as well as the situation of your website compared to your competitors for each keyword or phrase), in order to improve your rankings in those search engines and ultimately, increase registrations, leads and sales. The VFO for Search Engines makes search engine marketing optimization (SEO & PPC) effortless, easy and simple.










VFO for Search engines is a cloud solution that assists you in choosing the proper keywords for your website (based on keyword search volume and online competitiveness), in order to improve your rankings in search engines. It makes use of a proprietary algorithm that understands SEO/PPC variables. The results are generated by the software itself, and guide you in optimizing the piece of content for those particular keywords or search phrases.


Following the VFO process will boost the productivity and rule out the need to train content creation teams for SEO/PPC processes or use any external agency –that in general creates bottlenecks- or even using an in-house SEO expert team for implementation/operational tasks –you can leave them working and improving the overall strategy-.


Optimization tasks will be done in a natural way and every piece of new content will be optimized for relevant, competitive keywords.


The VFO for Search Engines can also “spy” on competitor web pages and discover what keywords strategy is being used by your peers or online competitors for specific keywords/phrases. This information can be downloaded into Excel and used to develop your own strategy, taking advantage of what others are doing and find gaps or new niches where you can have an impact or make the difference.

vFound develops technology to help you get visibility for your brand on the internet. Taking advantage of our unique algorithms, processes and best practices, we have created a bundle that meets and exceeds your SEM needs.

This technology help you make your web content visible to search engines. This is the latest in SEM technology. How does the “VFO for Search Engines” work? This is a simple & unique SEM software product. The main piece of this software, the ”vFound SEM core algorithm,” allows you to know what keywords are searching for the audience tailored to your products or services –with traffic volumes for specific keywords on the fly-. This automated technology evaluates your web page, suggests changes to be made in order to increase your online visibility (based on the keywords you choose), walks you through the optimization process, allow users to make direct content changes, provide you with a scoring on what you did and finally allow you to get the optimization back to your site. This is ”SEM Ready To Go”.

SMART Algorithm: analyze your content and the content from your competitors for any keyword/phrase you want or the software itself finds as relevant.

Buil-In Analytics: our technology analyzes the data for you. No need to go through “past history”, understand complicated variables, or even your competitor’s landscape. Our technology goes beyond the so-called Analytics. It interprets the data and make the decision for you, offering simple options for you to pick.

SIMPLE Wizard: just follow instructions on how to make your content appealing for the keywords/phrases you selected. In two simple steps and within a few minutes, you are on the go to rank on TOP of Search Engine Natural or Paid Results (SERPs).

The ability to rank every piece of website content in free, natural or paid search engine results is key to the online success.  Companies and website owners have a difficult time making this happens. Small businesses generally hire SEM/SEO consultants or small agencies to help them out and larger companies usually rely on internal SEM/SEO teams to improve their visibility in search engines. In general, this leads to a bottleneck in content production, and the process is very expensive and has very low productivity. These companies need a simple software solution that enables every content owner, with or without prior technical knowledge, to quickly and easily optimize content and target it to competitive keywords that they will be able to show up on the TOP PPC/SEO search engine results. The VFO for Search Engines provides this solution.

vFound has developed a proprietary algorithm that understands SEM/SEO variables. Our solution, the “VFO for Search Engines”, instantly analyzes the piece of content on your website, as well as the search engines results of your competitors, for specific keywords and defines what to do, in order to carry out with the optimization on your content. A simple wizard take you through that.

SMART Algorithm: analyses your content and your SERPs competitors providing insights into the keywords found by the process or the ones you want to know.

It can be used as a “data mining” tool, extracting SEO keywords from your competitor’s websites.

Your own SEM/SEO keyword strategy can be developed with the tool from scratch or be benefited by the extraction’s capabilities provided by the algorithm from your competitors, finding gaps or new niches.

An optimization wizard allows users to modify and optimize web content in just two steps and within a few minutes.

The software interprets data in real-time and makes recommendations based on findings. No complicated reports or dashboards to analyze. The algorithm does that on your behalf.

Smart Algorithm | Simple Wizard | Data in real-time | Recommendations based on findings | Go to rank on TOP of SEO &Paid Search Engine Results

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